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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blessing and Judgment

Excellent Message on the Lord's Supper By R.C. Sproul. Deals with some of the main issues of transubstantiation and the two natures of Christ.

When administered and received correctly, there is great blessing in the Lord's Supper. So what could be dangerous about our participation in the Lord's Supper? How should we prepare ourselves as we come to the table?


Anonymous said...

I belive much is overstated here, but as a general rule we should "examine oursleves" in light of the Supper. Our hearts should be right, but so should our relationships with our fellow man. This seesm to be Paul's primary concern in 1 Cor. 11.

Puritan Lad said...

Perhaps. However, in many churches the Lord's Supper is open for anyone, and in many cases, no warning is given. Better to be too cautious that not cautious enough. The Lord's Supper should never be served, even to members, without the proper warning.

You can even buy your own "Meal that Heals" communion set for personal use. The words "communion" and "personal" are opposites. Paul dealt with this in 1 Cor. 11 as well.

Anonymous said...

I've never considered it quite like that but your right. Communion has much less to do with out own personal interest than it does with our communion with the Lord and our fellow Christians, like you mention Paul addressing.

Puritan Lad said...

It gets even worse...

Episcopal 'U2-charist' uses songs in service

"A lot of contemporary Christian music has such locked-down, straightforward meaning that you can't play with it," says Lutheran Rev. Christian Scharen..."

Maybe they'll have Nazareth perform next year. Absolutely Disgraceful.